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About Me

About Ira

Ira Trivedi is a best yoga teacher and the founder of Yog Love, an online yoga studio offering LIVE yoga classes for an immersive spiritual and fitness experience.


She has two yoga programmes in India, one on India's national channel, Doordarshan National, and the other on India Today, a renowned English channel. She is the famous indian book author of several books on yoga, notably the 10 Minute Yoga Solution and the Om the Yoga Dog (My Book of Yoga series). Ira teaches yoga all over the world and was a part of the team that organised the first International Day of Yoga in New Delhi, where two Guinness World Records were set: the largest yoga class and the most nationalities in a yoga lesson. She is the creator of Yog Love, a leading yoga studio in India, as well as Namami Yoga, a foundation that teaches yoga and life skills to impoverished children.

Join Ira’s online global studio for weekly live classes

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as people become more conscious of their lifestyle choices. As a result, yoga instructors are in high demand both in India and around the world. If you decide to become a yoga instructor in India, you will have numerous options to earn a substantial sum of money. Students are led through the yoga practise by yoga instructors. As a yoga instructor, you will not only teach correct yoga postures or asanas, but also the philosophy behind this ancient Indian discipline. Yog Love's online Yoga Teacher Training course is Yoga Alliance accredited and taught under the guidance of the famous yoga teacher, Ira Trivedi. This online yoga certificate course will not only educate you yoga, but it will also allow you to join a yoga teacher community.

Become a Yoga Teacher with Ira Trivedi

Virtual yoga lessons with certified yoga teachers are available through Yog Love, formerly Ira Yoga Wellness. Yog Love's online yoga studio brings yoga teachers and students together to offer online yoga classes for weight loss, pranayama, meditation, and yoga teacher training, among other things.


Beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners alike will benefit from Yog Love's yoga classes. The classes are interactive and live, ensuring that each student receives individual attention. They are concentrating on developing a daily yoga programme as well as supporting the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices and eating habits.

Yoga Retreat with Ira Trivedi

Yog Love's Yoga Retreats in India allow you to practice and learn yoga with celebrity yoga instructor, Ira Trivedi and our qualified yoga teachers in some of India's most calm and scenic locations. Yoga retreats are an excellent method to learn more about the old and magnificent practice of yoga, as well as to broaden your knowledge. These best yoga retreats with Ira will help you in understanding yoga, Ayurveda, and healthy eating and will allow you to make better-informed choices. Gradually, you will be able to adopt a more yogic lifestyle that encourages a purposeful existence.



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In addition to her work as a writer, Ira is a Master of Yoga or Yoga Acharya who teaches classical Hatha yoga. She has several yoga television shows in India including one on Doordarshan National, India’s national channel and on India Today, a leading English channel. Ira teaches yoga around the world, and was part of the team leading the first International Day of Yoga at Rajpath New Delhi, where two Guinness World Records were created– for the largest yoga lesson and for the most nationalities in a yoga lesson. Ira is the founder of Yog Lovea leading online yoga studio and Namami Yoga, a non-profit based organization in India.

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