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Ira Trivedi is a yoga acharya, founder of Yog Love, and famous Indian author. She has eight publications to her credit, including fiction, nonfiction, and children's books. Ira's books have been published by prestigious Indian and foreign publishers and have been translated into a number of different languages.

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Her book "India in Love, Marriage, and Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century" is a seminal work on India's new marriage and sexuality revolution. She has received numerous accolades for her efforts, including the UK Media Award for her work on bride trafficking and the New Indian Express Devi Women's Award for dynamism and inventiveness. She was named one of the BBC's 100 most important women in the world in 2017. Ira is frequently invited to talk and comment on topics of gender and culture on news stations all over the world. She also contributes to a number of prestigious magazines in India and abroad, including Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy.

Ira, as a Yoga Acharya, is one of the top Indian authors writing about yoga and fitness. Ira Trivedi is the author of several yoga books like the 10 Minute Yoga Solution and Om the Yoga Dog. These were considered to be two of the best yoga books in India. Frequently writing about motivation and fitness, Ira’s books on yoga and meditation strike a chord with readers who are beginners at yoga and wish to develop a daily and lifelong yoga practice. Her phenomenal work in this direction has led to the founding of Yog Love which provides online yoga classes and is based on the fundamentals of Ira’s yogic philosophy. This was a boon for many during the pandemic. Now, planning to open a physical yoga studio, Ira hopes to apply her ideas in a more personalized setting and motivate even more people to take up yoga as a regular practice. She is considered among the best authors for motivational books in India.

The 10 Minute Yoga Solution

The perfect guide to building your own daily yoga routine, this book by famous Indian Author Ira Trivedi was published in 2017 by Harper Collins. This book gives you the best asanas to incorporate into your daily yoga habit based on your fitness goals and needs. Categories include yoga for workaholics, yoga for hair, yoga for skin, yoga for sleep, yoga for back pain, and more. The book includes step-by-step instructions and pictures so anyone can curate their own yoga practice by themselves. It was praised as one of the best yoga books for beginners and the best yoga guide to assist in building a daily yoga habit.

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